Professional hot melt glue gun for DIY craft hobbyist or industrial use Apr 11, 2022

In order to meet the need of more users, Binde developed a professional hot melt glue gun series.

This series is full size glue gun, have 6 models from 20W to 100W. It is convenient for your one stop purchasing.

Professinal hot glue gun

Hot-melt Glue Gun For Crafts

The main material of craft glue gun is made of PA66 ,which has supreme strength housing even can bear heavy weight of a BENZ car.

Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit

As following is the structure of hot glue gun. You can check the features of it.

a. Endurable springs passed strict inspection more than 100,000 times testing.
b. 3A fuse for each glue gun ensure 100% safety of end users.

c. High efficiency PTC and pure copper nozzle, only 3 minutes preheating time and continuous glue flow.
d. 1.5M VDE certificate power cord.

The Structure Of Glue Gun

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