Brief of factory Apr 27, 2022

Brief Introduction Of Binde Glue Gun Factory

Introduction Of Binde Glue Gun Factory

The History Of Binde Glue Gun Factory

History Of Binde Glue Gun Factory

One Stop Shopping of Hot Melt Glue Gun, Hot Glue Stick and Hot Glue Pot

One Stop Shopping Glue Gun Kit

Variety of EVA glue sticks are available. Such as 7mm clear glue stick, 11mm black glue sticks, yellow glue sticks and glitter glue stick.

Binde Factory is experienced in analysing formula, and produce accordingly the samples.

Production line of hot glue stick

Automatic equipments bring Binde efficiency, accuracy and low cost .

Automatic equipments of glue gun

Accurate laboratory instruments guarantee the test results.

laboratory instruments of hot glue gun

Finished products are inspected strictly according to AQL and testing datas are well recorded for tracing.

Glue gun sticks are inspected strictly

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