Common questions of glue gun and hot glue stick May 24, 2022
1. The meaning of glue dropping and glue leakage: after use, a little glue will overflow from the glue gun nozzle due to the thermal expansion of the hot glue stick, which is called glue dropping. When used, after the glue stick is melt, the rubber pipe is not well sealed and flows into the body of the glue gun, which is called glue leakage.

2. Slow glue flowing: the hot melt glue gun below 30W and the glue gun above 60W have a large gap in the speed of glue flowing. It is recommended to choose a high power glue gun.

3. No glue out: If the hot glue gun can heat normally, the problem is the temperature is not high enough, or the hot-melt glue stick is not in the heating place.

4. Adhesion is not firm: the viscosity of the glue stick has different grades. If the requirement of stickiness is high, please choose the high sticky glue stick.

5. Principle description: glue melting is physical changes. Solidification is as soft as glass rather than 502 glue.

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